Кадр из фильма «Perm-36. Reflection»
Пермь-36. Отражение.
Perm-36. Reflection
  • 16+
  • 100 min.
  • russian
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Three former political prisoners (worker Viktor Pestov, convicted of anti-Soviet activities, literary critic Mikhail Meilakh, convicted of possession of literature banned in the USSR (V. Nabokov, O. Mandelstam, A. Solzhenitsyn), human rights activist Sergei Kovalev, convicted for working on the release of the weekly on Rights person in the USSR) recall their stories of arrest and imprisonment in the Perm-36 penitentiary. In 1996, at the initiative of the historian Viktor Shmyrov, a unique museum of the history of political repressions "Perm-36" was opened on the site of this camp. Since 2005, on the last weekend of July, the museum has been hosting the international civil forum "Sawmill" with the aim of educating society: discussions, music concerts, excursions, film screenings are organized. Guests camp in tents on the field in front of the museum, representing various social and political groups, there are democrats, liberals, communists or just tourists. Years later, former dissidents return to the camp, now a museum, to take part in the Pilorama forum, whose tent camp, like a mirror, reflects the state of Russian society, haunted by phantom pains after the collapse of the USSR. Not disdaining provocation, young communists and members of the Essence of Time movement actively protest against the existence of the museum and forum, zealously entering into discussions with former dissidents. Over time, they manage to attract the attention of the public and authorities, which is why clouds are gathering over the museum.

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Sergey Kachkin
Sergey Kachkin
Sergey Kachkin
Sergei Kachkin, Konstantin Nafikov
Mike Kirin

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