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Face the Music
  • 73 min.
  • russian, kazakh
  • russian, english
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Dyed hair, earrings in the ears, bright clothes - an image that is very different from the Kazakh standard of masculinity. This is how the main characters of this look, members of the Kazakh group Ninety One. Many will not find anything unusual in the image of the musicians, however, the group's popularity among Kazakh-speaking teenagers caused great indignation in part of the society, which led to street protests, disruption of concerts and pressure from the authorities. The emergence of Ninety One revealed a whole layer of social and cultural conflicts within the Kazakh society between urban and rural culture, between traditionalism and globalization, between the vertical of power and personal freedom.



Katerina Suvorova
Katerina Suvorova
Aigul Nurbulatova, Katerina Suvorova
Katerina Suvorova, Evgenia Plakhina, Maria Muskevich
NINETY ONE, Macro/micro
Sound operator
Ilya Gariev

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