Кадр из фильма «The b/w letters sent from the past to Mikhail Tikhonov»
Письма из прошлого к Мише Тихонову в ч/б
The b/w letters sent from the past to Mikhail Tikhonov
  • 58 min.
  • russian
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The protagonist of the film is the time that has become for the Moscow artist Mikhail Tikhonov the main character of his work, turned to the past, to his roots and to the memories that continue to be the fabric of his life and the material of his paintings. Nothing goes anywhere, and everything continues to be. The film is dedicated to this tradition of philosophizing, while recalling the thoughts of Merab Mamardashvili. Film-communication with Misha Tikhonov, the person who is known and understood only by Mikhail Tikhonov.



Daniel Kaplan
Daniel Kaplan
Artyom Omelchanko
Olga Plekhanova

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