Кадр из фильма «On the way to Las Vegas»
По пути в Лас-Вегас
On the way to Las Vegas
  • 16+
  • 26 min.
  • russian

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The main character of the film is Karina Barbie, a striptease star who invented the image of the "Living Doll" for herself. A walking encyclopedia of a blonde who came to conquer Moscow from Karaganda. The invented image is so organic to the girl that the question arises, is it a mask or a face? Is there anything else behind this mask? Or is the girl so played that she does not remember her true face? Karina-Barbie is going to challenge the aged Madonna, earn a pink house and go to Las Vegas. The methods for achieving the cherished goal are simple and understandable. And for the sake of her "pink dream" she will stop at nothing.



Julia Sergeeva
Julia Sergeeva
Nikolai Orlov, Vladislav Sedletsky
Ivan S. Tverdovsky
Sound operator
Alexander Trukhan

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