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Покажи мне Туву. История одного путешествия
Amazing Tuva. An Unexpected Journey
  • 51 min.
  • russian

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The famous traveler, scientist and philanthropist Frederik Paulsen, who conquered all 8 poles of our planet, plunged into the depths of the Arctic Ocean, studied the bottom of Lake Baikal and the New Siberian Islands, together with actress Agnia Ditkovskite, went on a new expedition to Tuva. Their goal is to reach the top of the sacred mountain Mongun-Taiga. Tuvans believe that there, at an altitude of almost 4,000 meters, there lives a spirit that protects the entire Tuvan land. And they don't let outsiders in.



Ella Tukhareli
Alexandra Borovikova
Alexander Menshov, Sergey Buyarov
Anastasia Kudryavtseva, Maria Korchagina, Roman Lobashov, Nikolai Subbotin
Sound operator
Vasily Pirozhkov, Dmitry Grigoryan, Vincent Tripone

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