Кадр из фильма «Warlords of the XIII century»
Полководцы век XIII
Warlords of the XIII century
  • 140 min.
  • russian

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In the history of Russia there are many heroes whose names are not promoted by chroniclers, whose faces are not depicted on icons and orders, who have not been erected either monuments or busts. This film is about the fate of Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, who in the 13th century did a lot for the future of Russia, but is little known due to the fact that he did not care so much about self-promotion, although he was very ambitious, but about his duty and land, for which he felt responsible.



Valery Khomyakov
Valery Khomyakov
Grigory Boytsov, Alexander Goncharov, Alexander Shevchenko, Yuri Teplyakov
Yury Teplyakov
Sound operator
Alexander Vasilyev, Oleg Lukin, Sergey Petrov

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