Кадр из фильма «Messengers of the mainland»
Посланники Большой земли
Messengers of the mainland
  • 16+
  • 93 min.
  • russian

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A six-month voyage along the Siberian rivers is a real test for doctors, life in small cabins, strict ship routine, drills and emergencies. Nurse Vika left her little son at home, who gradually forgets her. Dr. Olga Nikolaevna escaped from loneliness, as her son grew up, and now he has his own life. Difficult relationships in the team, as there is no opportunity to take a break from others. The motor ship climbs far along the tributaries of the rivers, where heavy vehicles have not been seen for a long time. Rising to the Ural Mountains, at the risk of running aground, the ship reaches the most remote villages. Zyryans live there, many of whom still wear national clothes. Khanty and Mansi live down the river. The captain must keep not only the ship, but also the team in good shape, because this team has its own problems.



Tatyana Soboleva
Tatyana Soboleva
Dmitry Rakov, Alexey Strelov, Petr Keller, Alexey Shubakov, Tatyana Soboleva
Vlad Ketkovich, Oksana Barkovskaya
Anton Silaev

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