Кадр из фильма «Adventures of Muscovites on the planet Kologriv»
Приключения москвичей на планете Кологрив
Adventures of Muscovites on the planet Kologriv
  • 16+
  • 44 min.
  • russian

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Thousands of residents of megacities leave stuffy cities and go to the provinces, to nature, to the land, to silence. It seems that the real Exodus has begun. David, Olga and their little son Yanai are an ordinary Jewish family, Muscovites. The town of Kologriv, lost in a remote corner of the Kostroma region, is like another planet for them. With the hope of finding a solution to their problems here, they come to this foreign territory. They look for a house, get acquainted with other "emigrants". Who are these people, where did they start and where did they end up? Is this the force that can stop the extinction of the Russian province or the refugees? Running from what? From the horrors of civilization? From themselves?



Maria Saprykina
Maria Saprykina
Alexander Vdovin
Viktor Nevezhin

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