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Профессия клоун
The profession is clown
  • 26 min.
  • russian
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Clowning can be called the most complex, synthetic, in a certain sense elitist, circus genre. After all, in order to parody this or that number, pretending to be awkward or inept, it is necessary in fact to professionally master the skills of the parodied circus genre. This determines the versatility, versatility of the skills and talents of the clown. Clown performances accompany the entire circus program, all numbers and attractions. A clown must play almost all instruments, be an excellent acrobat, gymnast, juggler, equilibrist, jockey. He needs to learn riding a motorcycle, ballet, fencing, singing. But, above all, he must master the art of acting expressiveness.



Julia Shabunina
Maya Sarhatunova
Anna Ovanesova
Sound operator
Nelli Ivanova

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