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Против течения
Against the Stream
  • 57 min.
  • russian
  • english
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A few weeks in the life of a young Paralympic athlete Andrei Filippov (19 years old), a master of sports in swimming for the blind. Having met Andrey in his small homeland, together with him we will make a short but important journey from home training in Volgograd to a performance in Moscow at the Russian Cup. On this journey, we will try to get to know Andrei a little better and understand how he lives. Every day he has to overcome a variety of difficulties: moral, financial, health problems. Andrei was born an albino with 5 percent vision in a city where, according to him, being special is almost a crime. And from early childhood, he got used to mockery and misunderstanding of peers. All these years, Andrey has been opposing himself to the world around him, and swimming has become a way for him to fight for a "place in the sun." In his case, this expression takes on an additional color, because direct contact with sunlight is contraindicated for albinos.



Grigory Kurdyaev
Grigory Kurdyaev
Dmitry Elanchuk
Vladimir Elanchuk
Sound operator
Victor Brus

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