Кадр из фильма «Radio K»
Радио К
Radio K
  • 16+
  • 37 min.
  • russian

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For almost three years now, for one hour a week, a small room in an old house has been turned into a radio studio. The Alekseev Hospital is popularly called "Kashchenko". And often, starting the broadcast, the hosts say, "Kashchenko radio welcomes you." The hosts and authors of the programs are patients of the Alekseevskaya hospital. They are stigmatized as disabled with psychiatric illnesses. It is difficult, sometimes impossible, for them to find help and support in society. The healthy majority stubbornly tries to ignore them. But the need to speak out and be heard is even stronger for them than for ordinary, healthy people, because they feel everything that happens more subtle, sharper.



Julia Guerra
Julia Guerra
Kirill Guerra, Alexander Kotenko
Olga Shaposhnikova
Igor Karpov, Anton Karpov

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