Кадр из фильма «Russian history through the eyes of children - 2»
Российская история глазами детей - 2
Russian history through the eyes of children - 2
  • 16+
  • 208 min.
  • russian

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The series is based on the memories of children, participants and witnesses of various events in Russia in the 20th century. How children who grew up in Russia in different years of the 20th century perceived the world around them, and with it the everyday life of Russian history. Life, the behavior of parents, the behavior of friends and enemies of the family, the external environment, social upheavals, political events, all this is noticed by children, all this adds up to that picture of history that we will not find either in official reports or in historical research.



Alexander Avilov, Elena Demidova, Tatyana Kolganova, Igor Morozov, Nikita Tikhonov
Lilia Borovskaya
Sergei Afandeev, Igor Morozov
Marina Drozdova, Alexander Kiselev

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