Кадр из фильма «Russia today»
Russia today
  • 93 min.
  • russian, english, german
  • english

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“Russia today” is a political documentary essay about Russia, filmed in the Russian exclave Kaliningrad.
 Runners, numbers, applause. Fishers, horses, plows. Aggression, migration, surveillance, love. 2 spiders, 1 ring of power. Interweaving motifs gathered on their journey through the region, the German filmmaker and her Russian sound recordist assemble a metaphorical mosaic of reflections on Russia’s current status quo. Fragments of conversations create a temporary space for personal encounters. The audience is invited to enter and reflect.
“Russia today” positions itself along the intersections of films such as Shelly Silver's “Former East/Former West” (1992), Chantal Akerman’s “From the East” (1993), Ruth Beckermann’s “American Passages” (2011), Kirstin Johnson’s “Cameraperson” (2016) and Deborah Stratman’s “Illinois Parables” (2017). 



Annegret Sachse
Annegret Sachse
Annegret Sachse, Olga Yakovleva
Sound operator
Yulia Glukhova

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