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Русский граф Болгаров
Russian Count Bolgarov
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  • russian
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This person is included in the list of 100 great diplomats who left a mark on the history of mankind. It was he, Count Ignatiev, who, at the end of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78, signed the Treaty of San Stefano, which liberated Bulgaria from five hundred years of Turkish slavery. Thanks to him, not only Bulgaria, but also Serbia, Montenegro and Romania became independent states. Without it, the map of not only Europe, but also Russia would look different. Through complex negotiations with China, he established firm borders in the Far East, Russia received a territory equal to four France. Thanks to the Beijing Treaty, signed by Ignatiev, the city of Vladivostok appeared on the map of Russia.



Mikhail Elkin
Alexander Zvyagintsev, Olga Bulle
Ilya Emanuel, Ilya Fomin
Maria Zhuromskaya

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