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Северный ветер бывает теплым
The North Wind Can Be Warm
  • 60 min.
  • russian, yakut
  • russian, english

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The hermit and philosopher-reindeer herder Alexander has been living alone for many years in the heart of the Arctic taiga in Yakutia. Hundreds of kilometers of forest, mountains and tundra are his home. His life is an endless struggle for survival. Instead of a store, he has mountains, instead of a refrigerator, he has a stream, instead of the Internet, he has a walkie-talkie. For 20 years he has not been in any city. But someday he dreams of going around the world, seeing Tibet, Rome, Australia. However, for now, deer, nature and a dream are all he has.



Alexey Golovkov
Alexey Golovkov
Mali Pos
Alexey Golovkov
Thanatos Imminens
Sound operator
Sergey Ivanov

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