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Sex With Strangers
  • 18+
  • 105 min.
  • english

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Three American couples, from a social point of view, completely "socially stable", reject the idea of ​​​​traditional relationships for the sake of swing, sex with strangers, which ... Actually, which what? Why do they need sex with strangers? What are they looking for in fleeting "penetrations"? And what does an “open” relationship lead to? And do all their participants go to swing voluntarily, and not to please their beloved? And why are these people not ashamed to appear in front of the camera in the nude and almost at the moment of the “act”? What, in general, leads them? These questions are posed in their film, which tracks the relationship of three swinging couples for a whole year, the authors, the Ganz brothers.



Joe Ganz, Harry Ganz
Joe Ganz, Harry Ganz
Mike Roth

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