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Шенкман. Последний полет
Shankman. The Last Flight
  • 57 min.
  • russian
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The wreckage of an unknown plane and people's remains were discovered in the Ural mountains in 2017. The investigation revealed the legendary director of an aircraft factory Matvey Shenkman crashed here during World War II. He launched into production the most mass-produced military aircraft in history. Stalin threatened him and agreed with him. Denunciations to KGB demanded him to be shot. All the newspapers in the country wrote about his death. But over time, his name was forgotten, and the path to the grave was lost. And only 75 years later, the authors of the film found his grave in Russia - and another one, in San Francisco, USA. Is also engraved the name of Matvey Shenkman on it. And his bust, made by Stalin’s personal order, stands now in a California house.



Alexander Martirosov

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Retro Avant Garde Film Festival New York (SShA) — Best Retro Documentary