Кадр из фильма «Stormtroopers do not turn off the combat course»
Штурмовики с боевого курса не сворачивают
Stormtroopers do not turn off the combat course
  • 47 min.
  • russian

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A film about how the planes of the Great Patriotic War seventy years later return to the sky. The main person in the fate of veteran aircraft is Boris Osyatinsky. Thanks to his energy, more than a dozen aircraft have already been restored in Russia. B. Osyatinsky understands his Duty to the Motherland as a duty to do everything so that today the planes of the times of the Great Patriotic War are restored, flown and preserved.



Boris Travkin
Evgeniya Skopintseva
Rafael Khairetdinov
Ivan Sitnikov
Sound operator
Ivan Sitnikov

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