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Солдаты-призраки. Русские в Триесте
Ghost soldiers. Russians in Trieste
  • 44 min.
  • russian

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Recently, Italians shared some unique information. They discovered an ancient prison where Russian prisoners of war were held during the First World War. For 100 years this story has been considered a legend. But by the centenary of the end of the First World War, Trieste, like many cities in the world, declassified its archives, and the legend came to life. What were the Russians doing here? Why was their captivity carefully hidden from the whole world? Why doesn't Trieste appear on the official website of the Red Cross, where all the camps of the First World War are marked on the map? And why was the prison where the Russians were kept walled up? And finally, what is the fate of these Russians in Italy? Did they return home, or did they forever remain in the terrible catacombs of the ancient city, forgotten in their homeland, where by that time there was already a new government?



Ovez Narlyev
Alexander Zvyagintsev, Olga Bulle
Andrey Katorzhenko
Maria Zhuromskaya
Anton Bulle

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