Кадр из фильма «Saving Komitas»
Спасая Комитаса
Saving Komitas
  • 64 min.
  • russian
  • english

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The story is built around an excerpt from the biography of director Vladimir Alenikov, known for films and books about Petrov and Vasechkin. Vladimir Alenikov in 1974 undertook the production of a film about the greatest man in Armenia, Komitas, an Armenian composer and musician. For the sake of the film, he is ready to put everything on the line, give up big money, personal life, career. And it seems that success awaits him in Armenia. Hospitality and luck accompany at every step. Finally, here's the footage. The final is near. Suddenly a commission gathers and decides to destroy the film. But Alenikov does not give up until the last. Melodrama, comedy, thriller, tragedy, all genres converge in a short passage from the life of a famous director.



Yaroslav Osetrov
Yaroslav Osetrov, Vladimir Maksakov, Angela Zopunyan
Maxim Samsonov
Yaroslav Osetrov
Marine Manasyan
Sound operator
Olga Krasivicheva

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