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Среда обитания. Табачный заговор
Habitat. Tobacco conspiracy
  • 16+
  • 52 min.
  • russian

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Tobacco companies make millions on the bad habit of mankind. Ways to quit smoking are also someone's income. We will prove that there are no safe cigarettes, and we will find the most harmful ones on the counter. We will dispel the myth that the consequences of smoking occur only after many years of experience, you can get poisoned at any time. We will reveal all the tricks of manufacturers who deliberately put us on tobacco.



Sergey Kurzanov
Elena Dvornikova
Alexander Maklionov, Anton Yakubovich, Sergei Khaletsky, Mikhail Mukhin
Andrey Sychev, Oleg Volnov
Sound operator
Konstantin Borisik

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