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Стыдно быть несчастливым
It's A Shame Not To Be Happy
  • 16+
  • 26 min.
  • russian, english
  • english
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Jordan Fry was born in the family of a Hollywood screenwriter. The name "Jordan" was chosen by her father in honor of the heroine of the novel "The Great Gatsby", so it seems as if Jo stepped out of the pages of Fitzgerald. After leaving her native New York 6 years ago, she immigrated to Russia. Now Jordan lives in Moscow with a guy from Kaliningrad, plays at the Center. Meyerhold and speaks fluent Russian. She is in love with the Russian theater, communicates with her family only via Skype and constantly drinks tea, which she never did in America. On tour, Jo has traveled all over Russia, in her free time she translates plays from Russian into English and performs with her own group Sauce Kefal in restaurants and bars in Moscow. On the subway, she reads Platonov and Rasputin, follows the US presidential election, and considers monarchy to be the best way to govern.



Maya Gimaeva
Maya Gimaeva
Maya Gimaeva
Maya Gimaeva
Maya Gimaeva

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