Кадр из фильма «The Mystery of the Black Book»
The Mystery of the Black Book
  • 70 min.
  • english, russian, hebrew
  • russian, english

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In October 1947, the "Black Book" was to be published in Moscow - a collection of testimonies and articles about the murder of two million and seven hundred thousand Jews under Nazi occupation in the Soviet Union. The book was shelved by the authorities. The Holocaust of Soviet Jews as if it had never occurred at all. Why did Stalin decide to hide the solid and documented evidence of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union? Did Soviet Jewry’s enthusiasm on the establishment of the State of Israel cause collective punishment against them by the government? Since the revolution, Soviet Jews had been considered loyal partners in the building and administration of the Soviet Union. Why and how did they became suspects of dual loyalty, potential traitors, second class citizens?

Edited by Lydia Tsvokbenkel.



Boris Maftsir
Boris Maftsir
Ron Katzenelson
Zvi Shefy Boris Maftsir
Avi Benjamin
Sound operator
Eva Spitkovsky

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