Кадр из фильма «By the Path of Amur Tiger»
Тропой амурского тигра
By the Path of Amur Tiger
  • 26 min.
  • russian
  • english
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The Amur tiger is the top of the entire pyramid of the animal kingdom. This is an indicator of the quality of wildlife. If he is in a certain territory, then there are his victims: wild boar, red deer, roe deer, and other animals that he feeds on. And if there are these animals, then the habitat for them is safe, they have food and good protective conditions. There is a place in the Khabarovsk Territory where tigers constantly live and breed, this is the Durminskoye forest and hunting farm. Its owner Alexander Batalov has been living surrounded by a striped predator for many years, and can explain all their habits.



Olga Apollonova
Olga Apollonova
Denis Safonov
Anna Samoilova
Sound operator
Olga Apollonova

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