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Тверские карелы: быть или нет?
Tver Karelians
  • 15 min.
  • russian, karel'skiy
  • english

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Karelians is a Baltic-Finnic ethnic group in Karelia region. From 13th century Karelians fighted often against Novgorod and Sweden. Novgorod made the attempts to convert Karelians to Orthodoxy. Sweden brought Karelians at first to Catholic Church and later to Lutheranism. One part of Karelians wanted not any religious changes from Orthodoxy to Lutheranism and they have run away to Volga river. A short docu film about one orthodox folk in Russia – Tver Karelians. The ancestors of modern Tver Karelians were invited in 15th century by russian Tsar to settle the wild lands near Volga river. Fives centuries have gone. How is actual condition of the folk?



Maxim Artemiev
Alisa Fefilova
Y. Prokofiev, Y. Novikova
Sound operator
Maxim Artemiev

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