Кадр из фильма «Daybreak, sunset, cow milk»
Утро, вечер, молоко
Daybreak, sunset, cow milk
  • 18+
  • 23 min.
  • russian

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The once exemplary livestock and dairy farm in the Altai region are now declining. Milk cows live here. Their whole life passes between the barn and the "maternity ward". Everything here is subordinated to the task of obtaining a useful product. All days at the farm have the same schedule: morning milking, evening milking, “maternity ward”, dairy. The milkmaids arrive early, when it is still dark. People come into the space inhabited by cows, combining animals and mechanisms, creating hybrids — cows with mechanical udders. In the evening, the milkmaids come and milk the cows again. The milk is transported to the dairy section and from there, it leaves the farm. Calves are born in the “maternity ward”, where cows can temporarily return to their natural life. Several women perform these extremely hard and low-paid jobs to keep the barn alive. This is life on a farm.



Marina Fomenko
Marina Fomenko
Marina Fomenko
Tomaso Albinioni, Daniel Barbiro, Frederik Shopen, Vladimir Tarasov
Sound operator
Anton Zachesov

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