Кадр из фильма «In search of rural utopias»
В поисках сельских утопий
In search of rural utopias
  • 67 min.
  • russian

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Inspired by the ideas of the outstanding Russian thinker of the beginning of the last century Alexander Vasilyevich Chayanov the film crew sets off in search of new "rural utopias", modern models of rural development. Alexander Mikhailovich Nikulin, a social anthropologist, head of the Chayanov Center for Agrarian Research, acts as a guide in this fascinating journey through modern rural Russia. In the film the viewer will visit different parts of Russia and get acquainted not only with traditional farmers and peasants, but also see crocodile and snail farms unusual for a Russian person, as well as new forms of rural development.



Dmitry Zavilgelsky
Alexander Nikulin, Dmitry Zavigelsky
Sergei Petriga
Dmitry Chernyshuk

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