Кадр из фильма «Great War»
Великая война
Great War
  • 16+
  • 156 min.

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The First World War is the first global conflict in the history of mankind and just one question on a history exam for children. For Belarus, which became an arena of hostilities from the very first days of the war, the events of 1914-18 became fateful. The population of the western part turned out to be forced refugees, their houses were simply burned so as not to be given to the enemy, for two and a half years the front line cut Belarus in half, for two and a half years millions of soldiers of both warring parties waged an exhausting war, until now their graves are both “known and unknown." The filmmakers tried to figure out what it was.



Andrey Levchik
Ksenia Lutskina
Sergei Shchiptsov
Marat Markov
Ivan Lutsenko

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