Кадр из фильма «Green Willow»
Verda Saliko
Green Willow
  • 83 min.
  • esperanto
  • russian

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At 80, Raita, who lives in a small Finnish town, is full of energy and zest for life. Her name in Finnish is the willow plant, a symbol of spring and the rebirth of nature. Raita writes articles for Esperanto magazines, volunteers at an international congress, takes care of her favorite flowers in her apartment, goes for long walks and regularly visits the sauna. She travels to her beloved summer home near the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea to show it to her Esperanto friends in Stockholm and Moscow. Raita talks about her childhood years, about her stern father and caring mother, about her work as a teacher, and about her husband, with whom they lived together for almost half a century.



Alexey Salomatov
Alexey Salomatov
Alexey Salomatov
Alexey Salomatov

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