Кадр из фильма «Vodka factory»
Водочный завод
Vodka factory
  • 16+
  • 90 min.
  • russian
  • english

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In the Russian hinterland, 1000 kilometers from Moscow, at a vodka factory in Zhigulevsk, women work, who are united by one concern, namely, to work a shift at the assembly line, then return home, where children, female loneliness and dreams of happiness are waiting. But twenty-two-year-old Valentina is struggling to change the current vicious circle, she wants to go to Moscow and become a TV star there. Valentina's mother also dreams of finally finding a mate. However, one of the two women will have to sacrifice their dream for the sake of the only main man so far in their life, Danila, Valya's little son.



Jerzy Sladkowski
Antonio Russo Merenda

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