Кадр из фильма «Station for 32s»
Вокзал для 32-х
Station for 32s
  • 16+
  • 26 min.
  • russian

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"Vertical of power". The explanatory dictionary defines the vertical as a line segment perpendicular to the Earth. It turns out that power itself is at the upper end of this straight line, and the vertical relies on those who are below, and the lower ones do not object to this, because it is more convenient. A film about one of the representatives of such power. And, not the worst. Elena Rzayeva, head of the Zhulansky village council (Novosibirsk region) is active and businesslike. He knows how to solve the problems of his wards and is ready to do it for them.



Boris Dvorkin
Boris Dvorkin
Suren Davtyan
Gennady Gorodniy
Sound operator
Nikolai Ustimenko

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