Кадр из фильма «Volodia»
  • 16+
  • 80 min.
  • russian, spanish
  • russian, english, spanish

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Volodia used to be a part of the crew in a Soviet ship abandoned in Argentina during the fall of the USSR. No state or organization agreed to take sailors in legally. They lost their citizenship and were left without documents... This is the convergence of people, torn apart by society, who builded a home on their own. A home without walls, roof nor windows: the streets. And with a common friend, Volodia. Sailor, actor, eternal student, trade unionist but above all things he is a nonconformist whose mission is to help others. During 7 years of shooting this documentary he introduced us to his Kafkaesque reality. Between sarcasm and hope, always smiling, always dignified, with the unreachable goal to return to the sea, Volodia begins a new life every day.



Silvana Yarmolyuk, Anna Maria Yarmolyuk
Silvana Yarmolyuk
Juan Imassi, Silvana Yarmolyuk, Anna Maria Yarmolyuk
Silvana Yarmolyuk, Anna Maria Yarmolyuk

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