Кадр из фильма «Memories of Belarus. Leonid Kheifets»
Воспоминания о Белорусии. Леонид Хейфец
Memories of Belarus. Leonid Kheifets
  • 26 min.
  • russian
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We used to live in one big country. And therefore, once moving from Minsk to Moscow, or, say, from St. Petersburg to Alma-Ata, did not make a person an immigrant, but was only a move from city to city within one big Motherland. That is why we are so culturally and often related to all the countries of the former USSR. This connection is especially tangible in the example of Belarus, with which Russia is linked by centuries-old unity within the once united Russia. This film is about a man who, having achieved success and fame in Russia, did not forget his Motherland of Belarus, which remained in his heart with memories of places and people from childhood and adolescence.



Andrey Guryev
Andrey Guryev
Julia Ovchinnikova

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