Кадр из фильма «Exit from the void»
Выход из пустоты
Exit from the void
  • 113 min.
  • russian

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There are officially 2 million drug users in Russia. Unofficially, there are more than 6 million of them. The death rate from drug overdose in the country in the pandemic 2020 increased by 60%. Talk about fighting this evil is usually reduced to police action against the drug trade, with very little said about the rehabilitation of the addicts themselves. Can you help them overcome the disease? How to make it more efficient? Is it true that there are no former drug addicts? Andrei Lobanov visited three rehabilitation centers (state, church and private) and talked with doctors and their wards to understand whether drug addicts have a real chance to return to normal life.



Andrey Lobanov
Andrey Lobanov
Vyacheslav Krasakov, Vyacheslav Vdovkin, Mikhail Antonenko, Alexei Surkov, Stanislav Trunin
Yulia Orlova, Anastasia Pavlova, Albert Mustafin
Dmitry Shcherbakov, Polina Zhukova
Sound operator
Sergey Taranov

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