Кадр из фильма «When people die they sing songs»
When people die they sing songs
  • 16+
  • 47 min.
  • english
  • russian
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Music resists oblivion and death. Yiddish songs help victims of the Holocaust return to their past after half a century of silence. The mother is terminally ill. The daughter is trying to write down the history of the family before the disease has overcome her mother, and she recognizes the people in the photographs in the family album. After the war, they never opened this album because they wanted to get away from the past forever. But music changed the usual course of things. A music therapist begins to visit her dying mother, with whom she sings songs of her youth in Yiddish. Since then, she wakes up at night and speaks in her native language. Her daughter is the only person in the family who understands Yiddish, speaks Yiddish to her and sings songs. The past gradually penetrates into the present. Mother and daughter have very little time to tell each other about the most important things. But the disease progresses, and the mother gradually loses her memory. Everything acquired by them dissolves in the stream of time.



Olga Lvova
Olga Lvova
Olga Lvova
Olga Lvova

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