Кадр из фильма «A woman with an impeccable image»
Женщина с безупречным имиджем
A woman with an impeccable image
  • 21 min.
  • russian

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Friends and relatives call Lydia Sokolova-Serbskaya a woman with an impeccable image. She visits salons, lectures on fashion, carefully selects outfits, and is proud of her pedigree. In public, the woman is smiling and friendly, she reads poetry with her poet husband, talks about high things, but if you look closely, it turns out that everything is far from being so attractive. What kind of person is really under bright hats and what does the approval of the society in which she is worth to a woman?



Olga Kholodova
Olga Kholodova
Olga Kholodova
Olga Kholodova

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