Кадр из фильма «#LifeVICHELOVEK (Life with + sign)»
#жиВИЧелоВЕК (Жизнь со знаком +)
#LifeVICHELOVEK (Life with + sign)
  • 12+
  • 22 min.
  • russian
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What does Russian society know about HIV infection, about HIV-infected people? So far, very few. Hence fears, myths, prejudices. However, there are already 40 million infected people in the world, and about 2 million new infections are registered every year. How to live with this disease? It is to live, not to die. How to help infected people? What is it necessary and important to know in order to minimize the risk of infection? This is what the participants in the discussion say. Adults discuss. But the film was made by teenagers, and on their own initiative.



Stanislav Vydrin
Stanislav Vydrin
Viktor Wagner, Polina Egorova, Polina Tarakanova, Evgenia Chekorina, Snezhana Safina, Ilya Gorbunov, Polina Kovalenya
Victor Wagner

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