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Жизнь человека. Последнее интервью
The life of a man. Last interview
  • 85 min.
  • russian

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In March 2018, oncologist surgeon Andrei Pavlenko found out that he had stomach cancer. For almost two years, Andrey fought the disease and simultaneously performed operations, created his own department in the clinic, and launched his own charitable foundation. All this time it was filmed by a team of special projects of the portal "Takie Dela". Andrey's chances of recovery were about 50/50. Eight cycles of chemotherapy, gastric removal, recovery, community service and depression is what he went through during treatment. On January 5, 2020, Andrei died. Before his death, realizing that there was not much time left, he gave his last interview. It became the basis of the film.



Sergey Karpov
Galina Mosalova
Sergey Karpov, Kristina Kuzhakhmetova, Philip Zadorozhny
Stasya Trus, Yana Krylova
Karina Kazaryan
Sound operator
Alexander Khokhlov

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