Кадр из фильма «Kolchak's gold»
Золото Колчака
Kolchak's gold
  • 52 min.
  • russian
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The film is dedicated to one of the most tragic personalities in Russian history, Admiral Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak. An Arctic explorer, a hero of Port Arthur, a holder of military orders, the Supreme Ruler of Russia and the Supreme Commander of the Russian Army during the Civil War, he fell victim to a conspiracy of various forces. The filmmakers offer a fresh look at the last period of Kolchak's life in the light of the Golden Reserve of the Russian Empire, which, by the will of fate, came under his control and became the true cause of his death.



Elena Chavchavadze
Elena Chavchavadze
Konstantin Ovchinnikov, Artur Krasheninnikov, Yuri Yermolin, Ilya Ignatiev
Elena Chavchavadze
Sound operator
Sergey Gerasimov

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